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Straight from the Sources

The following reviews are from Harlem Watch Company subscribers and confirmed purchasers of our Traveller timepieces.

Reviews: Testimonials

“I applaud you for giving it your all! I know you’re just as committed as before! And I’m just as eager to support you, my friend! Count me in.” -  (Purchased)

Matt - California

"The watch designs are clean, classic, and contemporary.  I love the quality and use of materials." - (Subscriber)

Lucy - New York

"God Bless you and your beautiful wife on this journey!" - (Purchased)

Dawn - Hawaii

"I love the story, logo, and look." - (Purchased)

James - The Hamptons

“I’m so excited to be among the first to own a classic timepiece from the Harlem Watch Company. This is groundbreaking, and an amazing contribution to the rich history that already exists in Harlem, and now I’m a part of it.” - (Purchased)

Fayette - California

These watches are not only beautiful and wearable art, they will become treasured family heirlooms we will give to our sons and daughters. - (Purchased)

Dr Bryant - California

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